One of the most momentous occasions in one’s life is the day they get married to the love of their life. It’s a much awaited day and most people look forward to it. A lot of effort goes into preparing for that day along with a lot of money. A wedding can be an expensive affair that depends on a lot of factors. However, if planned well and in advance one can throw a wedding celebration in a budget. Here are a few tips to curb the over expenditure at weddings.

Create a budget and stick to it

The first and foremost thing to do while planning a wedding is to create a budget for it and stick to it. A wedding is an emotional affair and it is easy to get swayed and over spend when you are moved. This will happen if you do not have a fixed budget. However, creating a budget will help you keep a certain limit in mind and enable you to stick to it even when you are tempted to go overboard. That said, you should always include a buffer amount when you are making the budget so that you are not overwhelmed by any unforeseen expenses.

Lab grown diamonds

One of the major investments that one will make for the wedding is for the ring. The wedding ring is the highlight of the wedding ceremony and whether you want something simple or something matching with the bespoke engagement rings, you will have to shell out a huge amount for the ring. You can save on the ring expenses by opting for lab grown diamonds instead of naturally occurring diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are exactly like mined diamonds but cost 40% lesser than them and make a perfect alternative for mined diamond rings.

Set your priorities

As the bride and groom, you’ll will have certain aspirations when it comes to your wedding day. Both of you’ll will need to sit together and decide how you’ll want the wedding to be and what are the things that you’ll are willing to spend on. Setting your priorities from the beginning will help you’ll to stay on track and spend on things that are important to you’ll rather than things which are frivolous.

Choose Location wisely

The location of the wedding is the most expensive part of the wedding. Therefore, choose your location wisely. You can opt for something offbeat and ensure that it matches with the theme and people have a good time. You will find many affordable wedding venues if you go searching. Ask the people at the venue if you can bring your own wine and drinks. This will save you a lot of money.

Choose the date of you wedding in such a way so that you can grab the wedding deals during the sale season. If you plan to get married during the off season then most wedding vendors might be willing to give you a discount. Additionally, try and buy expensive stuff such as your wedding rings hatton garden during the sale season so that you can get it for a cheaper price then normal.